CouponsLord Cashback FAQ

How to use CouponsLord?

  • Step 1: Sign-up/Log-in/ Join to CouponsLord
  • Step 2: Choose the Offer you wish to grab
  • Step 3: Shop from the partner’s website
  • Step 4: Automatically earn Cashback
  • Step 5: Get money transferred

Sign-up/Log-in/ Join to CouponsLord

Simply choose to Sign-up/ Log-in, or Join with Email-Id or Facebook. If you fail to join, sign-up, or log-in, earning cashback is not possible.

Choose the Offer you wish to grab

Check for the partner’s website, simply choose to “Activate Offer” or “Reveal Coupon” button. You will be directed to the partner’s website.

Choose the Coupon code from a wide range of discounts and offers availed and choose to save.

Shop from the partner’s website

Simply continue to shop from the partner’s website. CouponsLord automatically tracks all the purchases you make and credits the Cashback.

Automatically earn Cashback

Within a few hours, the Cashback in your account is displayed as Pending. As soon as it gets confirmed the status changes (approximately after 90 days the amount is credited).

Get money transferred

Once you have ₹350 or more as confirmed Cashback, redeem the Cashback to your account or choose to get Amazon/Flipkart Cards.

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How to shop?

  • Step 1: Shop on partner’s website via CouponsLord
  • Step 2: The retailer provides us with a commission
  • Step 3: The Cashback is shared by us with you

Shop on partner’s website via CouponsLord

Choose from a wide range of partner’s websites such as Amazon, Flipkart, and many others.

The retailer provides us with the commission

We drive more than 1000’s of sale on the partner’s website, and we are paid a commission for it.

The Cashback is shared by us with you

The same commission is credited to you as Cashback by CouponsLord on making purchases via CouponsLord.

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Cashback Status Questions

What does the status “pending cashback” mean?

Pending Cashback indicates that your transaction has been tracked by partner’s websites and CouponsLord.

However, till the whole process of delivery gets completed, the partner’s website does not initiate anything. Also, if any product or order is returned or cancelled, you become ineligible for the cashback.

i.e. If you make a purchase from Amazon, the email is being acknowledged with the Pending Cashback of Rs.XXX.

If your order is completed, without any cancellation or return, the cashback is credited to your CouposnLord Account.

What does the status “Approved Cashback” mean?

After making a valid purchase, you can get “Approved” as a status. Once you have Rs. 350 or more, you can easily transfer it to your Account.

What does the status “Requested Cashback” mean?

Once you request the payment of Cashback, you will receive an email with the details of the requested Cashback. You can choose to redeem it into your account or Gift Cards.

What does the Status “Paid Cashback” mean?

As soon as the requested Cashback is proceeded and paid to your account, you receive a mail with the amount you are eligible to redeem or the Gift Card details.

What does “Declined Cashback” define?

If your transaction is invalid or the order is cancelled, the status of Cashback changes to cancel.

In case of cancellation of an order, even we do not receive the payment, and hence the Cashback gets declined.

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Missing Cashback

What does “Missing Cashback” indicate?

  • Made a purchase but haven’t received any Cashback mail regarding it if you have made a purchase, and it’s been 3 days, wait for a longer time. Tracking the sales takes time between 5 minutes-72 hours.
  • However, if it’s more than 3 days, and you haven’t received any acknowledgment after making a purchase, submit the Missing Cashback ticket within 10 days of making the transaction to CouponsLord. After 10 days, no Missing Cashback tickets are entertained.
  • At times, the partner’s website fails to track the sale. Simply provide us the details, we can check with the tracking details and help you get your Missing Cashback.
  • Click here to claim your missing cashback

Why to wait for 3 days before submitting the Cashback query?

Before the end of the period, the Cashback tickets are not accepted. Sometimes, more than 3 days are taken to track the sale from the retailer’s side.

How to enquire about the change in Missing Cashback query?

When you log in to, you can see all the details under “ My Account”. Click on the “Claim Your Missing Cashback” button provided.

Submit us ticket, we will solve your query as soon as possible.

While availing new Cashback inquiry, why cannot I see certain retailers’ exit click list?

We have an advanced system that tracks every time you visit the website of your favorite retailer.

If you do not see the exit click dropdown, then you have not visited the particular retailer’s website via CouponsLord.

Also, there are chances, you would have forgotten to sign up or log-in to CouposnLord.

What information is to be mentioned when I am supposed to submit a Missing Cashback ticket?

To submit the Missing Cashback ticket details, you need to keep a track of few things such as- transaction amount, retailer’s name, transaction reference/ Id, date, and other details that can help to track the transaction.

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Tips to get Cashback

  • Check that you have signed-up into CouponsLord.
  • Understand the T&C mentioned below the offer.
  • Check the T&C, the Cashback on paying via Mobile App are not allowed by retailers
  • To avoid any confusion, check the Cashback amount and Cashback rates
  • Complete your transaction in the same session, once you get redirected to the retailer’s website via CouponsLord.
  • Before you choose to shop via CouponsLord clear the cookies from the browser.
  • Do not browse any other site for price comparison while you’re redirected from CouponsLord to the retailer’s website. Browsing to websites will make you ineligible to qualify for Cashback.
  • Add the products to the cart only after you log-in to CouponsLord
  • Uninstall the extensions that can mislead the tracking.
  • Choose to use Coupon code listed on CouponsLord. If you apply some other code, we’re not given any credits and you do not qualify for any Cashback.

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Cashback Payment?

How to redeem Cashback via CouponsLord?

You can either choose to get Cashback transferred via NEFT and transfer money to the registered bank account or redeem the Cashback as a Gift card from Amazon or Flipkart.

The cashback in your account can get redeemed only if the total is Rs.350 or more.

When to redeem Cashback?

After you shop, within 5 minutes or more, the status is being tracked and is kept as pending.

To track the order it might take 5 minutes to 72 hours.

Cashback is credited to your account after 90 days, depending upon which retailer you shop with. You can easily redeem the Confirmed cash back to your bank accounts in 2 ways: Gift cards and NEFT bank payment.

Once you have confirmed cashback of Rs.350 or more in your CouponsLord account you can redeem it.

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